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Material for sashimi

We are producing very fresh products produced through our own sanitary control system, inspecting each material, production and shipment.

We have introduced the lateset packing line for fresh horse mackerel . Quality and bacteria control is being done for every product.

15th Jun 2018, we received HACCP certification for frozen of filleted horse mackerel.

Aji nigiri
(Horse mackerel sushi)

Filleted horse mackerel

One by one with care

Assuarance, safty and good taste (quality contorol)

As an independent section, our quality control department is strictly controlling quality of daily production.

Fat inspection of material

Fat content of wild blue fish changes depending on the seaosn. We accumulate the data of fat content which is deeply related to the taste of fish and disclose it to our customers. It is important to check the fat content of raw material as it influences fresheness.

VBN test (volatile basic nitrogen test)

Freshness is most important for raw fish
Inorder to deliver better quality products, we measure freshness of all the raw materials in each lot every time we purchase.
We don't process any of them when the test result is beyond the criteria.

Bacteria test

We conduct inspection of the number of general bacteria, coliform bacteria, E. coli, Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Staphylococcus aureus in each lot and in each production date more than once.
Raw food is most easily suspected to be the cause of food poisoning.
We aggregate the data by ourselves, disclosing the results and judging whether the products can be sold or not.
We also implement environmental inspection of the factory including wipe tests and detecting fallen bacteria.

Sensory inspection

In order to make pass-fail decision, we conduct sensory inspection so that our customer can enjoy good taste horse mackerel.
Every day, several staffmembers are engaged in the inspection to test texture, color, taste and smell of materials, using their five senses.

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